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Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Artist
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Hi! I'm Melinda VanKirk.

I guide women struggling with burnout and life-balance to find total mind-body health through holistic habit and lifestyle changes, with the power and support of a dynamic group. 

I believe you must first take care of yourself in order to take care of others.

I believe you have the power to transform yourself in an easeful and fulfilling way. 

I believe food is medicine.

I believe we have a purpose and a path in this life – in order to find deeper connection to this life we must integrate healing our mind and body with a unified and holistic approach.

I’m passionate about helping you transform your life for total Mind, Body, and Spiritual Wellness.


Melinda VanKirk

Live Your Life from Inspiration

Having worked as a Technical Designer in corporate America for over 10 years, I know the need for finding balance in your life.  I know the struggles of lacking life balance – of weight gain, chronic stress, not eating healthy, and how lack of self-care can negatively impact your life. I know how bad I felt both mentally and physically for so many years, even as I evolved into a yoga teacher.

My whole life I struggled with balancing others’ expectations.  I was the constant perfectionist, never living up to my own expectations.  This caused depression, anxiety, stress, and body image issues I carried with me most of my life.  Eventually it began to impact my health, causing inflammation and pain in my joints.

When I changed my habits, I changed my life. 

Join me on this journey – to live a life of inspiration.  You are a unique, creative being, with a purpose and a path.  You deserve the life you dream of – I am here to guide you through your evolution – your personal redesign.

A Litte More About Me

In 2016 I found a strong calling to my yoga practice (which, let’s face it, was pretty sporadic over the years). My newly found passion for yoga led me to complete my yoga teacher training in 2018, where I started teaching shortly thereafter.

At about the same time that I immersed myself in my yoga practice, I became more immersed in my art (no coincidence I am sure).  I found joy and excitement through creating art once again, and even started my own side business creating custom pet portraits.

In 2020 I began another path of healing. I am training to become a Certified Yoga Health Coach, and am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.

I have a strong calling to integrate the physical body with our mental body through a holistic and spiritual approach. (And no, I am not talking about religion, but finding your spiritual self.)

Melinda VanKirk Wellness is about sharing this inner healing with others in an authentic and transformative way.

Melinda VanKirk is a certified RYT-200 Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, an active artist and former Art Teacher, and founder of Melinda VanKirk Wellness.  She resides just outside Columbus,OH in Hilliard with her husband and her two fur-babies, Lola and Weezie.

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