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Transform Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Manifest Your Best Self – Get the Results You Desire


Imagine the life you want to live – envision what that looks like for you.  Feel good in your body, have consistent energy, and create the life you desire.  Through habit evolution and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda you can create what you dream, with inspiration and ease.


It is time to take action.  Set your intention, and cultivate the life you imagine by implementing 10 simple habits for healthier living.

What is it costing you in your body to keep the same routines and habits?  Evolve into the next version of you through your own personal redesign.


Live and be the habits.  As you take action and evolve with the support of a dynamic community, you will find you are living a life of integrity.  You will tap into you dharma (your unique purpose and path), become an inspiration for others, and align with your deeper intentions.

Living Inspiration Tribe


A 12-Month Journey to transform your health and your life with ease and results.

Change your habits and live the life you desire.  Increase your energy, sleep deeply, optimize your weight, nourish yourself, and reconnect to your body through habit evolution and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – all through the approach of self-love.

The Living Inspiration Tribe provides you with support and accountability, with a dynamic group of women on this year-long journey of transformation.

Makeover your life from the inside-out with simple habit shifts.  Experience total mind-body wellness.

It's Time to Take Charge of Your Health

Do you struggle with . . . ?

  • Low energy
  • Excess weight
  • Life Balance
  • Burnout
  • Disconnect from your body
  • Chronic stress
  • Inflammation in the body
  • Negative self-talk
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Poor sleep
  • Body pain and fatigue
  • Kicking bad habits

Do you want to start experiencing . . .?

  • Living easefully
  • Feeling good in your body
  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Self-care and self-love
  • Deep sleep
  • Less inflammation and body pain
  • Habit automation
  • Living a life of inspiration
  • Deeper connection to Self

Your Journey Starts Here

This year-long journey starts with 10 simple habits, based on the wisdom of Ayurveda.  Why a year?  Because it takes time to redesign your life from the inside out – to learn, work, live, and automate the habits.  This program is available to those who qualify.

This 1-year journey includes:

  • 3 Rounds of the 10 habits to help you thrive.  Founded on the wisdom of Ayurveda, each round will build on the last, helping you to automate the habits in your daily life.
  • Weekly live calls with a dynamic group. Receive support and accountability on weekly calls with Melinda and the support of the tribe.  Evolve with a group of like-minded people who will uplift and support you in your journey.
  • Resource Hub access. Videos and weekly emails coaching you on the habits.
  • Body Thrive book and supporting materials
  • 1:1 Monthly Coaching calls with Melinda 
  • Access to the Living Inspiration Tribe Forum – in this group you will evolve, support, and help each other to learn and automate the habits.
  • Yoga Video Library Access. Practice yoga with Melinda at any time.
  • In-Person Meet-ups and workshops. Optional events and workshops will be offered throughout the year, led by Melinda.

Meet Your Guide Melinda

Calling Empaths, Yogis, and Spiritual Beings!

Are you ready for a new, holistic approach to your health?

I lead women who are ready to make a change – to prioritize themselves and get results – to find better mind-body health through self-love, habit evolution, and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

All with the support of a dynamic group. Dynamic groups help you achieve the results you want faster, deeper, and with the support you need to make change happen.

I believe you must first take care of yourself in order to take care of others.  I believe we can change ourselves and change the world through self-love and empathy.  I believe we have a purpose and a path in this life. I can help you find your way.

Having worked in corporate America for over 10 years, I understand the need for self-love and life balance.  I know the struggles of burnout, poor eating habits, and how lacking self-care can negatively impact your life. 

When I changed my habits, I changed my life.  Find integrity in your body, mind, and spirit.  I can guide you on your journey with the power of a dynamic community.  

Join me on this journey – to live a life of inspiration.  You are a unique, creative being, with a purpose and a path.  You deserve the life you dream of – I am here to guide you through your evolution – your personal redesign.

Melinda VanKirk


“This has been such a transformative experience. Over the years, I have read countless books and articles on dieting and living a healthier lifestyle. While many of these worked for awhile, they all lacked the key component of forming habits for a lifetime. Despite working hard and eating healthy foods, I never truly incorporated the approach around forming new habits. With Melinda’s coaching, I am forming habits that are improving my overall health and learning to live in ease. I am grateful for all I’ve learned and for Melinda’s kind and informative instruction. I am also grateful for the support of the women. This has been—and will continue to be—a very rewarding experience!”
Monica D.

“Melinda is filled with knowledge on wellness and combines a very intuitive and empathetic approach to give personalized and realistic advice. Not only does she allow you to determine your own goals but pushes you to ensure they are achievable and gradual so that you can truly make life changes. Melinda’s approachability allowed me to be more vulnerable and leave feeling more at ease.”

Erica L.

“Melinda shines….she is making such a positive, wonderful difference in the lives that she touches. I’m off to a kinda slow start but I’m also starting at a place of decades of unhealthy habits to deal with my anxiety and stress. What I love about Melinda is the encouragement, positivity, and celebrating even the smallest changes. She also pushes me to just do something small like go sit on my yoga mat with no pressure to do anything and that has turned into my morning routine of meditation, yoga stretches, and then get on the stationary bike or a walk. That small push with no pressure for perfection or going all in is what makes all the difference for my mindset.

Melinda is for sure doing what her beautiful, kind soul was meant to do!”

Kim J.

Your Investment

Living Inspiration Tribe

Your Health is in an Investment in You

This group is an investment in yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing. 

It is a time and money investment – I only want those to join that are truly ready to make changes in their lives.

The cost boils down to about $77/week with the payment plan. 

In my old life I would spend at least $25 per week just at Starbucks, not to mention tons of money eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner out.  Most of us can find the money by changing our habits. However I realize it can be a scary commitment.  You aren’t only committing monetarily and time-wise, but you are committing to making changes that you may or may not be ready for. 

Are you truly ready to make changes in your life, and get the results you are seeking?  I can help you find success in this journey if you are ready.

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